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I will disregard your existence to add to your insult of being a pet. Only when you show me how much you worship me, shall I acknowledge and favour you. My intentions are never to ruin you, as a ruined Pay pet is a useless pet.

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My latex is uniquely designed and made to measure by: House Of Harlot.

Admirers of my latex clad curves can make additions to my wardrobe by applying as stated above.

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Financial domination, the ultimate in fetish power exchange between money slave and his worshipped Goddess. This exclusive presentation of servitude requires a regular placement for a PAY pet, who delights in very essence of pleasing its divine Goddess.

Your Goddess, your Queen wants your Obeisance. Your duty as my PAY pet will be to feel the absolute rush of pleasure with each and every instruction I order from you. As a loyal dog fetches and returns a stick, no matter how abused the creature is, my Pay pet will beg to encounter my indulgent requests for the materialistic desires that satisfy my passion for individualism and uniqueness. My Pay pet will acknowledge that it has the responsibility to show its affection and live out its own licentious sentiments by bestowing pleasurable spoils and pampering me.

If my chosen Pay pet satisfies my very personal and unique desires, it may be permitted to appear on cam and kneel before its divine superior to witness her pleasure after receiving a desired item.

I understand the powerlessness and sexual energy a Pay pet can experience when it is bequeathing to its Queen, so watching this excitement will be an extra entertaining pleasure for me.

My promise to my chosen Pay pet is this; I will own, nurture and control you.

Welcome to the website of Mistress Ava Von Medisin

This is the official website of Mistress Ava Von Medisin, Pro & Lifestyle Dominatrix

Elegantly decedent, curvaceous and uniquely tattooed English Femme Fatale, Disciplinarian to the perverse and life-style fetishist.

Highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of erotic sensuality, consensual BDSM and fetishistic therapy.

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